Air Control Series

Fetid odors from public lavatory, public transport implements, KTV, pet shops, offices, restaurants, abattoirs, catering centers, bazaars and shopping arcades Learn More


Air Elevator Series

Designed for elevators, mini-bus, coach buses and small rooms. Learn More


Fan Coil Series

Designed for fan coil unit, is separated into UVC exciting unit and photo catalytic filter respectively. Learn More

YOU deserve a better AIR

Look around. What are you breathing? What are you touching? What bacteria, SARS, H1N1, or possibly even a new type of undiscovered virus might you be allowing into your body this very moment? Our quality of air is becoming worse every day. Anything from a common cold to a heart attack could have been caused by something we inhaled.

Contaminating our environment are three major factors: 1) Micro-organisms (i.e. bacteria, viruses, etc.) 2) Volatile organic compounds (i.e. formaldehyde, benzene, etc.) and odors 3) Particulates (i.e. dust, pollen, etc.)